It is not easy to give compact explanation and ask customer to imagine the office layout after installation especially to the first time buyer. Purchasing office furniture in bulk is not an easy decision to be made. It consume a lot of space and will be use for a long period. And it is not cheap after all. Thus, many aspects has to be counted to satisfy both parties.

Customer need the item with the cheaper price and trust from the seller. So we reduce customer burden by planning a drawing to help them understand the layout and how the space will look like. And we also need trust from the customer by just following our standard operation procedure (sop).

So talking about the drawing, the first thing that we need from customer is the size of the area; space that will be used for installation. Then, we need to know the location of doors and windows, also any other furnitureĀ located in the area. Only then, the seller can plan the drawing and suitable location for the furniture placement. Our team only can give ideas and suggestions but the final decision is from the buyer itself. If customer has a better idea, just voice it out and we can rearrange the plan.

These are samples of few drawings:

Custom made 12 seaters Workstation





Island Workstation 2 seater


















Some customer did not have any knowledge on what workstation and cubicle is. There are lots of designs, patterns, sizes and colors of workstations. Thus, seller must be extra creative to reach the customer understanding and satisfaction. Trust between both parties is the most essential elements.

There are lot more drawing in our collection.

By making some draft and drawing, the seller will notice how many partitions, compartment, tools and time needed for this project while customer will notice the space consumption and budget to allocate. Plus, it is an extra value that we can give to customer.

Drawing is not essential in purchasing, but it gives satisfaction to both parties.